ESD Material Testing

In today's workplace, the life and reliability of modern semiconductors require an environment where static electricity is continuously controlled. Therefore, an Electrostatic Protected Area (E.P.A) must be established at all stages of receipt, storage, assembly test and transport of electronic devices.

The selection of right type of ESD materials becomes critical .Thus the only way is to get it tested the right way.

We offer ESD materials testing service to determine compliance to the ANSI/ESD S20:20 standard.

Items Test Method Standard
Work Surface ESD S 4.1
Wrist Strap Cord ESD S 1.1
Footwear ESD S 9.1
Flooring ANSI ESD S 7.1
Seating ESD STM 12.1
Ionization ANSI EOS/ESD S 3.1
Garment ESD STM 2.1
Surface Resistance Measurement EOS/ESD S11.11
Volume Resistance Measurement EOS/ESD S11.12
Static Shielding Bag ESD S11.31
Floor, Footwear & Person Resistance ESD STM 97.1
Floor, Footwear & Person Voltage ESD STM 97.2
12%RH Walk-In Chamber
12%RH Chamber
200Mhz Oscilloscope with Tektronix CT-1 current probe
Digital Resitivity Meter with 5 pound probe
ESD Discharge Simulator
Wriststrap & coil cord tester
Charge Plate Monitor
Insulation Tester
Electrostatic Voltmeter
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