ESD Maintenance

ESD Maintenance has become a major task as a plant install more and more ESD control equipment. Such maintenance activity may take up to 30% or more of your regular other maintenance tasks and will become cumbersome.

In addition you may have also subcontractors that perform part or your full production activities. So how do you manage or ensure your subcontractors are carrying out their ESD controls to the same standard of your facility?

Let us take care of your ESD maintenance or subcontractors and you can focus on other more profitable operations and in return you will benefit from:


  • Savings of thousands of dollars in developing & monitoring internal expertise in the ESD control program area.
  • Savings of thousands of dollars in ESD equipment and calibration etc
  • Savings in time and resources (you pay what you actually need only)
  • Relieving your company to spend more time and resource on research and development of your product
  • Ensuring your equipment will be well maintained and the subcontractors continue to have an effective ESD program.
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