ESD Training

Whether an ESD awareness-training program for new learners or a refresher course to satisfy internal procedures for ISO 9000 certification... more details

ESD Seminars

We provide ESD Seminars for all types of industries. Our expertise is in virtually all industries where static electricity can affect productivity.. more details

ESD Yield Improvement

Our ESD consultant(s) will perform on-site detailed study to assess the situation. After thoroughly studying the manufacturing process.. more details

ESD Project Evaluation

One of the key success factors in battling ESD control at specific point or area is to perform evaluation in order to ascertain... more details

ESD Compliance Certification

We also perform ESD Certification Services to validate that your ESD control program in your static free environment is in... more details

ESD Material Testing

In today's workplace, the life and reliability of modern semiconductors require an environment where static... more details

ESD Maintenance

ESD Maintenance has become a major task as a plant install more and more ESD control equipment... more details

ESD Equipment Calibration

We have a highly trained calibration team to serve your calibration needs. Our technically trained and experience staff will be able to... more details

ESD Plant-Wide Consultation

Such world-class programme not only provide you the right answers to all the following questions... more details

ESD Audits

We provide a complete quality system audit for the assessment of your ESD control program performance based on the latest... more details

ESD Plant-Wide Workstation Set Up

DOING IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME can be the single most important factor determining the failure or success of an effective ESD... more details
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