The Story of Novel RH Static Eliminator

In my past many years of practice in static control, I always believed and trusted that ionizer is the best tool for the neutralization of static charge generated by insulators. This is because of the unique ability of an air ionizer (by generating and releasing positive and negative ions) in the effective mitigation of the harmful static charge generated by insulators, bringing down the static voltage when the ionised air is directed onto these insulators.

However, when time passes, slowly and gradually, I learnt and discovered more and more serious shortcomings in the use of ioniser as a static charge mitigation tool.

These shortcomings & pitfalls often encounter and faced by the customers is sometimes painful, time consuming and at times causing problems and big challenges to their ESD control program especially those who uses ionizers in a big scale.

These pitfalls and pains are:-

1)                 Cumbersome and long maintenance man-hours especially for older models that already installed.

2)                 Ion imbalance - auto balance will still generate static charge on devices but on a smaller magnitude.

3)                 Worker’s discomfort and suffering due to ionized cold air blowing towards their bodies.

4)                 Limited effective distance ionized of the air stream due to the nature of unstable air ions.

5)                 Forbidden for use in process involving chemical solvent and other volatile gases due to risk of explosion.

6)                 Risk of workers health hazard and fatigue for long term exposure due to ozone emission especially in poorly ventilated work area like confined assembly works, laboratories, ionizer repair rooms, etc.


In an attempt to overcome these shortcomings and challenges in the past, I had devoted great amount of time in researching into this subject and thinking hard in figuring out what is the best alternative (other than the use of ionizer) in order to eliminate these pains and challenges for all my customers.

In the solution-seeking process and investigation, initially I thought I had discovered a long term solution to these problems and shortcomings. It is the use of static dissipative material instead of air ioniser in the static-safe work stations. These static dissipative materials, replacing the metals and insulators, will help in the elimination of micro spark or ESD in a typical electrostatic protected area (EPA).

However, there was very limited success in the deployment of the use of static dissipative materials in real-life situations. The main reason is the fact that static dissipative material will not help in draining away unwanted static charge lurking around an un-avoidable insulator. In particular, the insulative body of a microchip. In many instances, the use of air ioniser is still a better choice and achieving more visible results.

I have failed many times in trying different methods and means in seeking a workable solution to the long-felt problems in the air ionizer industry. In the course of this soul searching process, I had discovered many more shortcomings and pitfalls of air ionisers which I have tabulated and listed above.

It is not until one day I finally spark on an idea and working through many tests and experiments ..... EUREKA!  I finally discovered a unique solution that is surprisingly straight forward simple and effective. Tests results are extremely encouraging and exciting. The value & benefit is unrivalled by any air ioniser available in the market. The hidden treasure is finally unearthed. The findings and discovery marked a new technical era in the innovative use of humid air in the mitigation process. This simple and unique technology certainly opens up more value & benefit to the ESD control practitioners and end-users in the growing global ESD control industry.

You can support this non-ozone emission, 100% natural green technology by spreading the news of this novel and useful discovery to your peers, colleagues and those interested public who involved in ESD control for their awareness of this important little-known secret of ESD control disclosure.

I love to help organizations to implement this cutting-edge ESD control methodology into their existing or new ESD control facilities. I will support the organizations step-by-step until they achieve the next level of ESD control technology.

Just give me a call.  I'm happy to help you figure out if it is a good fit for your ESD control solution.

Albert Kow (PhD)



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