Benefits of RH Controlled Static Elimination Technology

The most attractive use of such RH Controlled Static Elimination technology is the commercial aspect of big cost reduction. 

A single unit of RH Static Controlled Eliminator can be attached with multiple outlets, feeding various spots of a microchip testing machine just like installing a similar number of ionisers to achieve critical static charge mitigation objective. 

Another interesting landmark in the use of RH controlled static eliminator is the equipment maintenance cost.
  • Less static elimination equipment used.
  • Less time in each equipment checking & calibration, etc.
  • Less frequency of maintenance per year.
A typical ESD control workstation using RH Static Eliminator will achieve 98% savings in maintenance cost compared to air ionisers.

Other benefits of the use of such innovative static charge mitigation technique include:-
  • No ion imbalance
  • No auto balance system required
  • Ultra-low instant tribo-charging voltage
  • Allows high speed production process (due to low voltage generation)
  • No ozone
  • No high voltage (5kV)
  • No cold air blowing towards the bodies of the production workers
  • No particles emission (no needles)
  • Accessible to hard-to-reach spots inside a machine
  • Zero risk of radioactive exposure
  • No corrosion on machines / equipment (used properly)
  • PREVENTIVE approach (Ionizer is REACTIVE approach)