Relative Humidity (RH) is better than Ioniser in ESD Control!

Next Generation ESD Control Technology - 27.04.16

Relative Humidity (RH) Control is better than Ioniser in ESD Control!

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The use of Relative Humidity (RH) control in the mitigation of static charge is not new. 

However, with adequate hands-on skill and experience, one can engineer to keep its goodness and do away its pitfalls to achieve both interesting and rewarding results. 

We always think of corrosion and oxidation associated with high RH. This is more like a mind block due to lack of understanding and in-adequate research on this subject.

 In reality, the secret of successful mitigation of static charge using water vapor lies in the skillful delivery of a stream of RH controlled moist air to only very specific targeted ESD prone area without leakage to the surrounding environment.

The proper management in the delivery of the airstream is the key to achieve a contamination-free static charge mitigation objective free from rust, corrosion and pre-mature wear of the manufacturing facility, etc.