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Now you can have 20+ ESD product inventions to choose to develop your own products at a rock bottom price!!

You need more NEW PRODUCTS if you want to boost up your business profit. 
With an array of more than twenty (20) ESD Product Inventions, we can provide you with the best tools and cutting-edge technologies to quickly develop more new products or differentiate your existing products from the rest of your competitors. 

We don’t compete with you. We don’t want to manufacture. We don’t want to sell. Our policy is to focus to invent and help you to succeed.

For a very low licensing fees and very low loyalty on selling price per product for most of the inventions listed out below, you can make use of the patents or patents-pending know-how in the patent document to start making more profit and winning more market competition.  

Profitable ESD Inventions

  1. ESD Shoe / Footwear                  Patent: PCT/CN2013/073001 
  2. ESD Shoe Cover                      Patent: ZL 2008 2 0137304.2 
  3. ESD Shoe Strap                       Patent: PCT/CN2011/081005
  4. ESD Chair Cover                      Patent: PCT/MY2008/000198
  5. ESD Chair Belt                         Patent: PCT/CN2013/077459
  6. ESD Chair Grounder                  Patent: PCT/CN2013/087786
  7. ESD Garment (ground able)             Patent: PCT/MY2009/000048
  8. Inter-changeable Sleeve Band           Patent: PCT/CN2011/070957
  9. Wrist-band Grounder                  Patent: PCT/CN2013/077163
  10. Static Shielding Bag                    Patent: PCT/MY2008/000200
  11. ESD Transparent Sheeting             Patent: PCT/CN2011/073888 
  12. ESD Corrugated Paper Carton Boxes   Patent: ZL 2010 2 0687645.4

Working with our cutting-edge ESD technology with 20+ ESD product inventions at hands to choose from, then your chance of success is very much more higher. The chances that your competitors trying to beat you in the market is many times more difficult than before.

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