ESD Consultants & Advisors

Albert Kow, Ph.D

Dr. Albert Kow is the Founder of ESD Consulting Group, USA and Group Managing Director of an established Group of Companies which specializes in the ESD (Static Control) product businesses.

As a iNARTE* Certified ESD Engineer (USA), Dr. Albert regularly delivers seminars and talks on ESD subjects throughout the ASEAN and the neighboring countries. Organizations benefited from Dr. Albert Kow’s program include renown companies like Freescale (Motorola), Texas Instrument,

Statschippac, Harris Semiconductors, Seagate, Western Digital, National Semiconductor, Sony, Fujitsu, Hitachi, TDK, Dovatron, Siemens, Flextronics, Celestica, TEAC, etc.

Over the past years in the ESD Industry, Dr. Albert Kow has designed, developed and facilitated more than 30 ESD Seminars and ESD talks to over 1,000 participants comprises more than 50 companies in the Semiconductor, PCB Assembly, Diskdrive, Wafer Fabrication and other Electronics related industries in the Asean Region.

As one of the pioneer inventors of ESD products in Malaysia, Dr. Albert has invented a new unique static control product and submitted a patent application in 1994 in Malaysia and 1995 in USA. Such product is being sold successfully throughout the ASEAN region, Europe, USA, etc. Todate, Dr. Albert has submitted a total of more than ten (10) patent applications in the area of static control.

In 2007, Dr. Albert has co-authored an ESD Control Hand Book (in Chinese) and proven a popular ESD Control reference book in China and abroad.

Dr. Albert has completed his tertiary education in Singapore in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 1977 and currently a holder of Ph.D in The Management of Electrostatic Control. For the past 29 years, he has been actively involved in the R&D activities in such specialized static control field.

He is currently a member of the EOS / ESD Association, U.S.A.

(Note :* NARTE – National Association of Radio and Telecommunication Engineer, USA.)

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